A Good Man

    I had planned to publish this yesterday, but I ended up spreading mulch (which is pretty much what I do here).  By the time I was done with that, though, I turned on football. First I watched Pittsburgh drop one to the Bills. Then the Eagles absolutely laid an egg in Tampa Bay.  
    Just like that, Pennsylvania said goodbye until next season. 
    At any rate, by then I was too tired to write. And, considering I don’t get paid to do these things, I decided to hang on until today. 
    Yesterday was the birthday for the Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr.  Ever since it became a federal holiday in the 80s, I honor the memory of a man who would be shocked at the race politics being played out today by the likes of “Reverend” Al Charlatan…err, Sharpton and his ilk.  Content of character and color of skin, you know. 

A flawed man.
But, a good man.

    Anyway, as most of you know, I do not like Donald Trump (now there’s a segue for you). I think he would be a disaster were he to move into the Oval Office again (he won’t).  
    Far too many people see him as the Trump of 2016 instead of the Trump of 2024. The cultish adoration slobbered on him by a disturbing number of people is…uh…disturbing (remember, I don’t get paid for this.  I can afford to be lazy when searching for a clever synonym). 
    While I thought he was a good president, until he wasn’t (in 2020), his childish antics and sophomoric egomania were always maddening to me.      
    Thus, I find myself in an uncomfortable position where I actually have to take Orange Jesus Bone Spurs’ side when attacked from the Left and Right. 
    What’s most perplexing is when I have to defend him from Republicans (a party of which I am not a member).  
    I even got into an argument on Twitter/X (where else?) with a DeSantis supporter. 
    It’s Bizarro World. 
    My first argument stemmed from the fact that four pinheads in Colorado decided he should not be on the ballot.  This was because of his association with the so-called “insurrection” on January 6th.

Not an insurrection


    Never mind that he was not charged with insurrection, to say nothing of being found guilty of insurrection. The aforementioned pinheads didn’t like him (Orange Man Bad) so, to save democracy, they must ensure voters have no choice.
    Then, a looney from Maine followed suit.  I guess all that moose semen got to her head.

"And how do you think she got it?  Yeah, baby, yeah!"

    Predictably, there were calls in Red States for the Cadaver-in-Chief to be left off state ballots because he has failed to protect this country from invasion at the Southern Border. 
    While I agree that he hasn’t, that nonsense shouldn’t be allowed, either.  I maintain that it should be the voters who decide, not those afflicted with Trump or Biden Derangement Syndrome.
    I pointed this out on Twitter/X and was met with howls of protest from those not on Team Cheeto.  If Trump wasn't an option, it would only help their girl, girl, or Doughnut Eater. Methinks their motives are a little suspect.
"Naw, I'm out."
      A second occasion occurred in an argument on Twitter/X (where else?) with a pronoun mental deficient last week. 
    Brian Kilmeade, in a radio interview with Jamie Raskin, said nothing when the congressman quipped that Trump advised people to “drink Clorox” to combat the Chinese Flu. 
    I asked Kilmeade how he could let his guest get away with such an outrageous statement. 
    Two imbeciles wrote that Trump did say that. 
    No, I replied, he did not.  Rather, he asked if injecting disinfectant under the skin (itself a ludicrous statement and typical of Big Orange) would be effective.  
    I challenged my…err…challengers (remember, no pay, no fancy synonyms) to provide me a video of Trump saying “drink Clorox.”  If they could, I’d admit I was wrong and would retract my objections. 
    Of course, they couldn’t.  Mostly, because he didn’t say it.  Instead, one sent me a video of Trump opining about the efficacy of injecting disinfectant.  She/he/it said that was proof. When I replied that it was not the same, he/she/it replied there was no difference. 
    At that point, I waved off from further debate. I knew there was zero point in going on, even though words mean things.  But, true believers (on both sides) will twist anything to suit their agendas. 
    In any event, as Election Day inexorably approaches, I have no doubt that I’ll be forced to stick up for The Donald again. He seriously can’t help saying stupid things.
"Well, I am a stable genius."
    But, I will continue to do my best to point out when unfair attacks are launched against him.  Even though I desperately wish he would just shut up, go away, and not make me do so.  Although, I know he won’t. 
    You see, like Dr. King, he’s a flawed man.
    Just not a good one.


  1. Trump will always be Trump. He will say whatever he wants to say. Definitely not likeable. But he was good as president. At least then foreign countries were afraid to do anything as they never knew what the crazy orange man would do. Our only hope is that he picks a decent VP.

    1. He was an arrogant ass, but he was a very good president. Problem is he’s just an arrogant ass now. I’ll have a real dilemma in November. When you vote for the lesser of two evils, you still vote for evil. I fear for our country and our children.

  2. I've found that the more MLK I read, the more I see the same problems today.

    1. The late 60s were a hot mess for sure.

  3. The world is full of flawed men and women some of them are good people others are right dickheads that we want to take to with a 2 by 4 to the head, or maybe that is just me...........

    1. It’s not just you, unfortunately.

  4. I have bailed out on political debate. Like you, I feel it's damned if you do, etc. Now I waste my time with Catholics and Atheists, who sound disturbingly like each other...

    1. I try to avoid political debate because it can get so maddening. Sometimes the urge to shout into the common sense wilderness is overwhelming.


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