Stuff, but Mostly Nonsense


  My original intention for this evening's post was that it be serious stuff. Goodness knows there's plenty upon which to pontificate. And, even though I know that nothing I write will have any sort of impact on the world, it's still somewhat cathartic to get things off my chest.

    I realize that some of the viewpoints that I will express will rub some of you the wrong way. In essence, more than a few won't see eye-to-eye with me. While I'm convinced I'm right on many things, so it is with you. 

    I like to think I'm open minded, though, especially if presented an argument which is cogent and well thought-out (which is pretty much the same thing). So it is with a mutual debate among friends.

    If you are following me, and especially if I'm following you, we like each other. We may disagree, but there's mutual respect (at least I hope so-don't hurt me). After all, our opinions are merely that... opinions. I doubt there are too many people on Blogger who are society's movers and shakers. 

    Bottom line, I'm a Conservative, not a Republican. In fact, during the last election,, heck, I didn't want to go all serious tonight. There's plenty of time for that. Maybe next week.

"Cancel that shipment of MAGA hats."

"Read that again.  Don't get cocky."

    For now, though...

"Ooh, I know where I'll do my shopping next time."
"Tightey-whiteys 100% off, honey."

Until next time...

Like a Bad Penny


    I'm back.

    Oh, I'd love to say I've been busy.  Mind you, I have been since the last time I posted here.  In fact, since then, I moved from Pennsylvania to Virginia.  Virginia Beach, to be specific.  I think everyone knows I'm divorced now, right?  It was as amicable as those kind of things can be, but she just got sick of me, I guess.  Maybe it was my penchant for latex, who knows?  The odd thing is that she remained in Pennsylvania while I moved to where she grew up.  Our kids live in Virginia, too, so there's that. 

    But, I've been a little lazy, too.

    My eventual plan is to eventually move to North Carolina.  In fact, I'd be there now, but plans changed somewhat along the way (yes, it has to do with a woman.  We've decide to...none of your business).  A few more years and I'll be in the Tar Heel State.  Unless I die first.  Since I'm 63, that isn't totally out of the question.

    Sidebar, your honor?  Isn't it funny how things change?  If, for some reason, you plotz when you're in your 50s, people comment how young you were..."What a tragedy!  He went so young." Well, when you're in your 60s, it's more like, "Well, sure, he was kinda young, but he was in his 60s."  Yep, that's where I'm at.  What this all means is, that if I disappear from this blog again, it's a good chance I've gone on to meet my make.

    Bottom line, though, I'm in a happy place and am in a happy state of mind.  All without the help of pharmaceuticals, too.

    Last year, I started my own website called Nit Nats.  It was a fun little diversion, if for nothing else than I could post duplicates of the same posts I did here (specifically, the history of the world series...not "The History of the World Series," but "History of the World" series...just in case I didn't make myself clear).

Although it would have been fascinating to
learn the fitness tips of early baseball players

    Like I said, it was fun, but I didn't have near the interaction there that I had here.  After all, it was on Blogger that I got to meet people from all over the world (and New Jersey).  For instance, if it wasn't for Blogger, I would have never met people such as Pat Hatt or Bouncing Barb from Florida, to name a couple (I don't mean they're a know what I mean...sheesh).  They even became Facebook/Instagram friends.  I think that's kinda cool.

    So, it will be nice to return to that give and take.  The only comments I got on Nit Nats were spam comments, although I was intrigued by that one from a Russian lady and her monkey.

"You and me both, brother."

    Anyway, when it came time to renew my subscription to keep the domain, I decided against it.  It wasn't expensive in the least, but I didn't want to just write in a vacuum anymore.  Hopefully, the couple of people who followed me there will show up here.  I hope so, but who knows?

   A slight change (especially noticed by some of you cagey Blogger veterans who may remember Penwasser Place) is that I will be mixing in some serious posts in addition to the silly nonsense.  That, I hope will explain the title of this blog, Stuff and Nonsense.  Most of
the time I'll post nonsense.  Every so often, I'll post items of a more serious nature:  stuff.  Let's face it, the world sucks and sometimes I just want to blow off steam about it.  Some of you may agree with me, some of you may not.  That's okay.  In that case, I hope we can have a civil debate about the state of the world.  

"Oh, boy, I know where this is going."

     After all, we're all in this together and none of us are going to get out alive.

    I just hope that I'm older than 63 when it happens.

"I suppose you'll be wanting me to come back, too."

Photo Phinish XI

To help consumers find their cars in crowded parking lots,
General Motors announces it will install the
"Happy Pop-Up Asian" feature on all 2021 Chevy sedans.

Sign Language XXXV

I'm starting to think that Trump is getting carried away with this whole "eminent domain" business.

Stuff, but Mostly Nonsense

    My original intention for this evening's post was that it be serious stuff. Goodness knows there's plenty upon which to pontif...