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Note To Anyone Who Cares (hell, there has to be at least a couple of you):  I'll be jetting to San Juan, Puerto Rico (as opposed to San Juan, Alaska) for the next week so I won't be able to post a this week.  Instead I'll submit a quick bite of stuff AND nonsense, instead.  I hope this will suffice for the two of you.


                Addendum to my October 25th post, "Ignorance and Hatred.":    I worked the polls this past week.  While it was the longest day I've worked since I retired from my job as an Environmental Services Associate, it was a truly rewarding fifteen hours.  Luckily, I was paid for my efforts, although I certainly would have done so for free.  I considered it a civic duty, one which I'd recommend. 

                Obviously, I can't speak for districts throughout the country, but my precinct in Virginia Beach was run smoothly and professionally with no chicanery or monkeyshines.  There were a couple incidents which I observed which made me think of my post of a couple weeks ago, though.


This.  Plus doughnuts.


    As a middle-aged couple approached the polling place, a representative from the Republican Party handed the woman a flyer (I'm sure you've all seen the practice).  Upon seeing this, the husband growled (in a loud voice sure to be heard by the hander-outer and her small daughter), "C'MON! WE DON'T NEED NONE OF THAT REPUBLICAN BULLSHIT!!"

                Just so you know, obnoxious lunacy isn't confined to one party.  For every "Trumpster," there's just as many "libtards," for example.  The number of hateful elephant zealots pretty much equal jackass zealots.

                Since voting was held in a school, all voters were asked to wear masks.  Even though I think face diapers are idiotic, I still enforced the requirement.  I swore an oath, don'tcha know.

                  Anyway, a maskless individual approached the check-in table.  When I saw the tee shirt he was wearing, "My Governor Is An Idiot" (Sidebar, your honor?  Personally, I think Northam is, too, but that's besides the point), I pretty much knew which demographic I was dealing with.

Yep, this was it. 
Surprisingly, he wasn't wearing white shoes.  Because, you know, white. 

                When I politely reminded him that masks were required in schools, he barked (just as loud and belligerent as "Republican Bullshit Guy"), "SO, ARE YOU TELLING ME I CAN'T EXERCISE MY GOD-GIVEN RIGHT TO VOTE!!??"

                I continued in a polite manner (being polite was difficult, although I did have an "Inward Face Palm" moment) that I would gladly take his vote outside.  After a couple minutes of his outraged blather, he (I'm sure) reluctantly headed outside.

                Just then, my chief told me that the mask requirement for schools was rescinded just for that day.  So, I was able to tell "Red Neck Tee Shirt Man" that he could come back inside.

                Another Sidebar:  If masks are so effective, wouldn't it be consistent to continue the requirement?   What, did the Chinese Flu take the  day off to watch "The View"?

"Well, of course, because Joy Behar really gets us."

                Kinda made me look like a jackass, but I was glad that I would no longer have to enforce a mandate which I find ineffective and silly.

                My point, one which I made a couple weeks ago, is that many have become so polarized that they think rude, hateful behavior is the norm.  The (I'm sure) Democrat voter didn't have to blare out his distaste for all the world to hear.  He just thought  it was a swell idea to thump his chest  and curse in front of a child.  Keep those thoughts to yourself, Champ.  Or at least do so in a rational manner.  Without the potty mouth, of course.

This?  Yeah, never a good look.

                Likewise, don't automatically come into a situation spoiling for a fight.  To me, it seemed "Outraged Voter" had his little speech all prepared.  I got the impression that he would have jumped at any perceived infringement on his rights.  As with the other knucklehead, no need to broadcast your opinion to the room.

                Incidentally, there is no way I would wear a tee shirt like he had on in public.  I also wouldn't wear a "MAGA Hat."  Or, slap a "Biden/Harris" bumper sticker on my car.  Really not into that sort of provocation.

                 In fact, the only, sort-of, political thing I own and wear is a tee shirt which says, "Seinfeld/Costanza 2020."

"A campaign about nothing!"

                To quote Rodney King, "Why can't we all just get along?"

                By the way, the lady handing out Democrat literature could not have been a nicer, more cheerful woman.

                To my Republican friends, they're out there.

                To my Democrat friends, you know that.

                To Joe Biden, I hear Walmart is having a sale on Depends.

                I'm sorry, I can't help it.  Comedy is comedy.

"Still, wouldn't hurt to check it out."


                Okay, before my trip south a little bit of nonsense:


                How in the world can a deaf gynecologist do his job?

                He reads lips.


Next time:  I'll continue with my History of the World series.  Start studying now.  You'll need to know when I'm selling you a line of crap.

Hint:  That's often.





  1. People are nuts. Both sides of the fence.

    Good joke btw 🥱

  2. You manned the poles in a state that would decide the fate of the next several elections. (Harris's words, not mine.) Well done, sir.
    I guess a Let's Go Brandon t-shirt would've been too much?

    1. Lol…yeah, wouldn’t wear that either. Agree with the sentiment, but…

  3. I've kind of wanted to work the polls. Maybe someday. Sounds like a busy day.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Boy howdy, busy isn’t the word. But, well worth it.

  4. I'll be flying to Miami next week.

    Safe travels on your trip to PR

    1. Have a great time! I’ve had a pina colada. So there’s that.


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