Mind you, I thoroughly enjoy giving you nonsense, but it’s high time I give you a little stuff.

Not that anyone reads these things, you understand.

                Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’d know that Donald Trump was found guilty of all charges by a New York City jury.  The media is calling them felonies, but, hey, one man’s misdemeanor is another man’s felony.

                Sentencing will be on July 11th (which is, incidentally, my birthday) and could include jail time.  I doubt that will happen, but you never know.  The judge could be crazy enough to do it.

                We’ll see.

                In any event, it appears that the orange train hasn’t slowed one bit, despite the Left’s glee in announcing that the demented bag of oatmeal will now run against a convicted felon.  People who were for Trump refuse to lose hope in their messiah.  The trial, after all, was a rigged affair.

"Knew I shouldn't have had Taco Bell.  Don't know how Sleepy Joe does it."

"Just relax and let it flow.  It's nice and warm for a few seconds, no joke."

                In my opinion, how could there be any other result?  To think for one minute that Trump would get a fair trial in New York City with a Biden supporter presiding and a jury full of Democrats is ludicrous.  The best he could have hoped for was a hung jury.

                Still, I will admit that I was surprised that the jury ran the table with a guilty verdict.  Yet, I wasn’t surprised.

                To be fair, if the trial was held in Florida or Texas (save Austin), it wouldn’t have been any less rigged.  Just in the opposite direction.

                NOTE:  It is interesting to note that not a single city was torched or a Target looted the evening of the verdict.  Wonder what would have happened if it was Biden who was found guilty?  Come on, you know.

                In essence,  I don’t think much has changed.  People for the Delaware Vegetable are still for the Delaware Vegetable.  People for Orange Jesus are, by and large, still for Orange Jesus.  Some Independents may start leaning toward Big Cheeto, but probably not all.

                For instance, I still won’t vote for the guy.

                I hold cheating on your wife with the same disdain that I hold for a garbage human being who denies the existence of a granddaughter.

                The same garbage human being who was judged too old and feeble to undergo a trial himself.

                The Leader of the Free World…too old and feeble…WTAF?

                Biden will have rabid supporters no matter what (some not even in the nuthouse).

                Trump will have rabid supporters, no matter what.

                The key to the disaster looming in November is those in the middle.  There will be some who will hold their nose and vote for Corn Pop’s bitch.  They can’t stand him, but they loathe and fear Trump.

                Likewise, some will pull the lever (or punch a hole or blacken a circle or whatever) for Trump.  They don’t like him, but they fear Biden is the Demented Anti-Christ.

                You know, lesser of two evils stuff.

                Me?  I don’t want to vote for evil.  Lesser or otherwise.

                So, what am I going to do in six months?  I seriously don’t know.  Won’t vote for Biden.  More than likely won’t vote for Trump.

                The Libertarian candidate, like Gary Johnson in 2016, is nuts.  RFK, Jr.?  Dear Lord….

"I still can't get anyone to tell me where Aleppo is."

        But, my prediction? 

The indignation of a New York verdict in May will fade in November.  It’s the way we Americans, Left or Right, roll.

BONUS Prediction:  Hunter Biden will be found guilty of weapons charges, mostly because he IS guilty and the White House wants Americans to feel that the justice system is fair.

Then, President Poopy Pants pardons Jimmy Crack Pipe.

Nope, the American Legal System is okey-dokey.




  1. In fact, I was trying to find out if there were any other choices on our ballot, but apparently they haven't put it together with. The best you can do is find some numbnut no one ever heard of and vote for them- and when Oatmeal or Orange win, wear that "Don't blame me" T-shirt.

    1. I may, in fact, do that. In fact, I may even write in "Al Penwasser." I am so disheartened.

  2. It’s Birgit…I jumped for glee when the orange turd was found, rightfully, guilty, because he is. That he cheated on his wife when pregnant and after, is no big surprise given how he was way back when he used to stroll through the women’s change area of the Miss. Universe pageant. I am one who likes Biden but he is, I believe, too old and I would vote for Pete Buttegieg ( how do you spell his name?). I think, possibly, Mitt Romney would have been better for the Republican Party. Regardless, it’s a mess and the Orange slick will have more trials to come..of which he is just as guilty. Ughh, it’s a mess but, hey, we have Trudeau and that nut right winger.

    1. Orange is a clown, but no way that was not a kangaroo court. I wish he would just go TF away and give the American voter a true alternative to the demented eggplant (who was judged too old and feeble to stand trial for mishandling classified documents). No way Mitt Romney would get the nod, though. I voted for him in 2012 and Obama crushed him. Both Orange and Oatmeal are pieces of shit. My country deserves better.

  3. It didn't surprise me as there was no way he'd get a fair trial. And on charges past the statues of limitations for something no one had ever been tried for before. No, it wasn't political at all. Most people see through the farce though and now it's another blow to the legitimacy of our legal system.

    1. While I can't stand him, he was screwed and the legal system took what could be a mortal blow.

  4. Don't like Trump don't like Biden, don't like anyone.
    I would love to see Trump in prison and treated like everyone else but never going to happen, the man is delusional and thinks he can say and do whatever the hell he likes and get away with, yeah he had some kind of trial, think of that what you would and he was found guilty but nothing more will come of it in my opinion but I could be wrong. Let's see


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